Honoring Fallen San Jose Police Officer John Buck

April 5th, we remember fallen San Jose Police Officer John Buck. On this date in 1933, Officer Buck succumbed to injuries he received in a gun battle.

Below is the San Jose Police Department's official account of Officer Buck's story.

Remembering Fallen Officer Michael Johnson

On March 24th, we remember fallen San Jose Police Officer Michael Johnson. Tough times for the Police Department were made even tougher when Officer Johnson was killed by a suicidal man who was mentally ill.

Below is the San Jose Police Department's account of this tragedy.

Remembering the Fallen: Officer Robert White

On January 27, 1985, San Jose police officer Robert White was electrocuted while investigating an accident in which a motorist struck a high-voltage transformer.

Below is the San Jose Police Department's account of this tragedy.

Remembering the Fallen: Officers Gene Simpson and Gordon Silva

Today, we remember fallen San Jose Police Officers Gordon Silva and Gene Simpson. On January 20, 1989, Simpson and Silva were killed in a firefight with a mentally ill pedestrian who wrestled Simpson's gun away. Below is an account of this terrible tragedy that was published in the Mercury News following their deaths.

Public Safety & Crime Victims’ Rights Under Attack

The following is an editorial by SJPOA President Paul Kelly:

Across the country there’s a disturbing trend emerging; the office of the District Attorney is being targeted by well-financed groups that seek to put candidates into office who will implement radical, pro-criminal agendas under the banner of “criminal justice reform.”

Blue Christmas Toy Drive

Giving back to the community is something San Jose Police Officers take pride in and do every single day. Answering the call day after day, we have an opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives in more ways than we can count. The holidays bring out examples of people, families, and children that are deserving of more than they may have in life.

The 3rd Annual San Jose Police Officers’ Association - Blue Christmas Toy Drive has begun and we are counting on each and every one of you. Blue Christmas was conceived from a concept of ensuring that children weren’t left out, and they too could feel the joy that they may be lacking. Please join us in helping put a smile on a child’s face this holiday season!

In honor of Officer John Covelesk, Badge #70

On the night of November 15, 1950 Officer Covelesk was working a midnight walking beat in the downtown area.

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