SJPOA President Unland Responds to METRO Editor


I must admit, I'm impressed and a little creeped out by your online escort service knowledge. You asked the question why I'm not asking,, Craigslist or AT&T to drop their online escort ads. To answer your question, the first two sites ( and MyRedbook) are online escort service businesses. It would be like me asking the publisher of Playboy to stop displaying nude photos of women because it objectifies them. It would be a pointless exercise. It's what they do. Unfortunately, sex for sale is the business they are in.

You purport to be in the news business not the sex for sale business. But is that true? All one has to do is go to to see the facts of what your contractual partner is all about. The adult escort advertisements are found by going to your website, the Metro logo is prominently displayed on the same page as the adult escort ads, and the bottom of the page says it is your website that hosts You have wagged the dog so much over the last 48 hours I am afraid the dog is dead. Own it Josh.

Can you tell me how much money the METRO earns through its contractual partnership with How much of a METRO employee's paycheck is attributable to this income? You see where I'm going so I'll end it with the same advice I gave you when we talked about this on the phone. JUST DROP THE SITE!!!!! If the METRO wants to be taken seriously, get out of the escort business.

Jim Unland


Mercury News appalling position on Metro Newspaper & Escorts

This was a letter the Mercury News wouldn't print
Your comments regarding Metro Newspapers, it's publisher Dan Pulcrano and his
prostitution/escorts ads, was so arrogantly stupid...I'm convinced that you (and whoever approved them for publishing) MUST be getting a slice of Pulcrano's, "Pimp-Pie" on the house.
I AM shocked, sir. But not with Gillingham or even Pulcrano. They both have an excuse for their behavior. What's yours?
Or maybe I'm confused. Before I go any further maybe I should make sure that I understood what you were saying. Gillingham, should keep his thoughts on the prostitution ads that Pulcrano publishes in his paper (or that he directs online users to) all to himself...
Because, you KNOW for a fact..
1.) He doesn't really care about sex trafficking, or the fact that it's illegal or the fact that such easy access to the material insures a healthy supply and demand market. Thereby , encouraging, supporting, and inviting organized criminal elements into a community that is already facing serious challenges with respect to law enforcement.
2.) He's just trying to divert attention away from the fact that Pulcrano wrote some unpleasant editorial concerning someone he is affiliated with. blah, blah, blah..
3.) He's only doing this because he wants to seem like he'd be a genuine candidate for District Attorney (though, he claims he's not running you know what he's really up to). He doesn't really care if he uses his public office to actually, accomplish anything. In fact. he shouldn't, right? You wouldn't want to look like your trying to.....trying to what? Make things better. perhaps?
How can you honestly defend your remarks? How can you be AGAINST the reasonable stand he's making? Crime rates are rising in San Jose and we are hard pressed to contend with it. Your attitude is just as obscene as Pulcrano's.
Actually, I'll take that back. Pulcrano's is more obscene. Yours is just irresponsible and ignorant. Also extremely piss poor Journalism. Your dismissive attitude towards making a change now.....since it's been already going on for years and years is not only infantile but smells of conspiracy.
And since your only recourse seems to involve tired Nazi tactics or dismissing relevant commentary to the ranting of kooks, Jesus freaks or someone backed by your dissenters. I am none of these, sir. The act of prostitution clearly dates back to the beginning of man. However. Your involvement in it breeds and feeds a growing underworld of organized crime.

Chuck Herhold's "hypothetical" argument to Abraham Lincoln would sound something like this:

"Oh , c'mon Abe, get off your high horse. You're just trying make's some headlines for yourself because no one likes you and the press despises you even more. And that's just a no good reason for doing something RIGHT. Your personal beliefs have no place in politics. And it's not like everyone has slaves. And the ones that do provide the savages with clothes, food, and a roof over their head for god sake...not to mention our selfless offering of life everlasting if they just except our way of doing things which will be ultimately rewarded at the end of their life through the grace of Jesus Christ." "Hell, boy it's a victimless crime. What do you care? It doesn't even effect you. What did you get one pregnant? No problem. Look at Washington, Jefferson and countless others of prestige. Let's just leave well enough alone. Besides, a great many men of influence depend on the slave trade and slave labor to remain profitable, and retain their place of prosperity. We've accepted it for over 200 years now, and their masters got to eat don't they?"
No slaves = no prosperity And no prosperity = No influence.
"Mr. President the cons clearly outweigh the benefits of abolishing slavery. May I move to adjourn these preceding and get those colored folks out here serving up whatever smells so damn good behind that kitchen door?"
Which is funny because one of Chuck's arguments is that these ads can't possibly make that much money anyway.....So. by this logic I am left to assume that Chucks moral compass is actually a pocket calculator. No need to step in unless Pulcrano is generating ?????? How much, Chuck? And if it's not that much, why did pulcrano refuse to pull the ads? Wasn't he quoted as actually saying
" because ....a man's got to eat!" In other words Pulcrano generates a very large sum of revenue from the ads both in his paper and online. In fact is the owner of many escort related URL's (internet address)
This isn't rocket science. If Pulcrano wants to continue ....ok. But guess what folks? We don't have to support in anymore. For all Pulcrano's rhetoric. HE'S NOT a news man. He does not generate one dollar from the publishing of news. None of his "investigative stories'' OR ANY THING ELSE THAT HIS CRACK TEAM OF 'scoop Brady's' dig up on local officials. make him one dime. Pulcrano is in the advertising business. He claims that his online and print resources will do a better job in reaching their potential customer and then promises because of his longevity in the business that both the customer and business operator can trust in the respectability built through years of advertising with Metro News. No hassle,( and for pimps and ho's, no cops), Another reason ladies would rather use Metro paper and online, because their ads are tied to something tangible unlike Pimps, prostitutes and johns are much less likely to "misbehave" when they know it's tied to a local establishment....especially a paper that they want to continue making its way into the home of Joe Average. (Which is very important for marketing these girl. You wont see YANK on the coffee talbe.) So, if you want to be in the business , and compete with the other girls ...You have to use Metro.
And how do we know these ads work? Because they place them every week. No one buys ads that don't work
If we don't want to support Pulcrano's pimp money....which by the way he makes allot of cash from these ads. (Incidentally Chuck, He had a guy with an office specifically to handle these ads, which by the way were PREMIUM priced. (costing more than other ads thier size) The kind of cash that actually carried the company, sorry Chuck) He even had a special back alley door to make the private hook ups with the girls... many times he would make cloak and dagger transactions with them for cash and collect his dolla bills before sending them back on the stroll.
The bottom line is this. Mr. Pulcrano can continue to market prostitution, but we as a community no longer have to support it. We demand that none or our tax dollars be spent with his company for the market or promotions purpose of any city, county or neighborhood events, services or announcements. We then take a close look at where feel comfortable with the placement of his distribution racks and boxes. Straight away we would have them removed from any and all city, county, or any locally governed affiliated buildings as well as their proximity to these institutions and structures. I'm referring to schools, libraries, the Courts, DMV stations, Water works buildings, County maintenance, Fire Dept, Police Dept., City and county hospitals, parks, buses, airports, museums.....I could continue this list but I think I've made my point.
We decide folks. Pulcrano can either remove the ads from his paper and online service....or we'll remove his free pimp pages from the grasp of his target market.
Free speech doesn't dictate where metro can distribute his escort services. that's up to us. We make the laws.... It would be one thing if you had to pay for his paper. Then we as consumers bare the responsibility of how we use or store the material. But the Metro is free. It's up to us to decide where it's distributed in our community if we object to the material.
Now the ladies of the night must find another resource to ply their trade. But it will no longer be supported by our community.

Metro Escort ads

This article ran in the Pasadena Weekly in 2006 about Metro and Dan Pulcrano being named by a police officer during an interview at the scene of the bust for human trafficking. These handlers were apparently hiding girls in the walls. The story was broke by a local television station which is where the quotes that appeared in The Wave came from. The officers quoted the operators who claimed to depend on METRO newspaper and it's online affiliates such as I dont remember The Mercury News running anything about this and I cant find it in thier archives. Nor can I find the news broadcast

Pasadena Weekly
Ivy Suriyopaf, an attorney with the Asian-American Defense League, said that if an ad is suspicious, newspapers shouldn’t run it.
“Publications have a choice about whether to run certain ads,” said Suriyopaf. “If they have any reason to believe that businesses are conducting illicit activities, they have a social responsibility to report it to the authorities or, at the very least, not run the business’ advertisements.”
Earlier in this series, Suriyopaf explained that many prostitutes may actually be victims of human trafficking — young girls from Asia and other impoverished places throughout the world who, lured by the promise of legitimate work, agree to be smuggled into the US only to become exploited as sex slaves with little or no hope of escape.
A federal crime with penalties as high as life in prison, human trafficking is also a burgeoning industry, with as many as 50,000 women and children trafficked into the United States each year. Most victims end up coming to Los Angeles or San Francisco and, according to UC Berkeley researchers, nearly half work in the underground sex-for-sale economy.
In a November article, Silicon Valley’s The Wave Magazine quoted a San Jose police sergeant connecting their alt-weekly competitor, the Metro Silicon Valley, to the joint federal and state investigation of a human smuggling ring that allegedly brought dozens of women from Asian countries to work as prostitutes in suburban massage parlors.
“It seems they’ve been using adult online services… But the biggest thing, too, seems to be is they’ve been using the Metro,” The Wave quoted the investigator as saying.
The story then went on to cite a document from the investigation that named a Metro ad that read “HOT LIPS, Asian Beauties, Japanese and Taiwanese.”