"There is no way in good conscience that I could recommend your department to anyone..."


Due to the dramatic increase in resignations from SJPD, and an awareness that it is impossible for San Jose to train enough officers to compensate for these loses and keep residents safe, the department is making a desperate attempt to hire laterals (already trained officers currently working for other agencies).  

Below is an excerpt from an email exchange that was leaked to Protect San Jose. The first email in this exchange was a message sent out by SJPD's hiring unit to other Police Associations across the nation asking them to share the information that San Jose PD is hiring laterals. The second email is a response to the first from the President of the Long Beach Police Officers' Association. Needless to say, we doubt San Jose will be receiving any laterals from Long Beach.


Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012


Subject: San Jose Police

I am the Recruiting Sergeant for The San Jose Police Department. We are currently looking for Lateral Police Officers who would be interested in making the move to California and joining SJPD. I am asking Police Unions throughout the country to please distribute our information to members.

Thank you




Sent: Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Subject: Re: San Jose Police


I received your email regarding your recruiting efforts.  To be very candid with you, there is no way in good conscience that I could recommend your department to anyone at this time due solely to the efforts of your mayor and other elected officials to decimate the pay and benefit structure you currently enjoy.

I hope for the best for you and all of the San Jose Police Officers, and I have the utmost respect for all of you, but until the politicians show some good faith effort to work responsibly toward solutions, I will not be able to pass on your recruiting efforts to anyone.

Steve James


Long Beach Police Officers’ Association.





Yikes! Thanks for posting these eye-opening emails!

I was horrified when Measure B passed and was wondering when something like this would happen (a neighbor on the Willow Glen Back Fence e-list posted a link to the above email exchange this morning). I posted an article to my blog today at: http://elisabethparker.com/?page_id=104, and linked to this page. Thank you for sharing this information. It's important for San Jose residents to understand the consequences of Mayor Reed's "pension reform."

Safest Most Populated City?

I am not an officer. I'm not married to an officer. Simply put, I'm not related to law enforcement in any way. But when I took a job offer here back in 2008 I was very happy. I was happy because I was moving from a city that seems to have homicides every other weekend and bare minimum officers on the field to a city that could respond to you no matter what. Not any more. I don't feel safe anymore. And I don't blame the officers that are left dealing with the city government's mess. I blame the city government. Shame on Reed for allowing such an amazing city with so much potential go down the drain. I hope and wish all SJPD officers to have a good outcome, no matter where you end up. And although I've never called upon your service before, thank you for your hard work.

Best of Times

I lateraled from the SJPD in 2005 and not a day goes by that I don't think of the outstanding brother and sister officers that I was fortunate enough to work with and learn from. I was lucky in that I moved from one great department to another. That being said, San Jose still has some of the very best officers that I've ever worked with. I'd put these men and women up against anyone. Anyone!! They certainly deserve better than what the city has given them.

It's absolutely shameful that what once was an outstanding department is being systematically dismantled. These men and women deserve far better!!

That just can't be true!

That just can't be true. I heard councilman Pier Luigi Oliverio say during one of the shame council meetings, that for every employee that retires, transfers, quits and or is layed off, that there will be 1000 people waiting to take their jobs. I guess he was wrong about that too. What this lie and scam perpetrated on the citizens of San Jose will result in is, that all of the rejects that never would have been selected due to any number of reasons including failure to pass the physiological screening test, will no have to be considered and more than likely hired to be San Jose's finest. How sad is that? When do we start the recall petitions?

Retention and Recruiting

I am retired on a disability from another agency. I teach criminal justice now and one of my students went to work for SJPD about 4 years ago. He survived the first layoff but now is leaving because of the results of the election about retirement benefits. I talked to his brother who told me that the situation is so tenuous at SJPD that no one knows who will be let go or what will happen on the street with so many officers leaving. I hope for the best for you active duty officers and the citizens of San Jose. Too bad your city govt is so screwed up.

Mayor Reed's Accomplishment

Mayor Reed has single handedly turned our PROFESSION into a JOB. Shame on him!

Mayor Reed

I retired from the San Jose Fire Dept. in 2001. I was a union official and worked hard to get those benefits. We gave up pay raises for that retirement. The people in "power" did believe the city could meet it's obligations, they would not have approved them if they thought they could not pay for them. At the time they were actuarially sound. I am very sorry that everything I worked for has been overturned by the current Government. WE had this same type of problem back in the late seventies due the bad pay, the administration back then wanted us to elevate the rank and file. I lived through the Jimmy Carter years, when we had 20% inflation and no pay raises for over 5 years. Home mortgage rates were about 13%. These police officers, are only the tip of the iceberg. You will see more bad stuff happening soon.


Mr. Reed and his lapdogs at the Mercury News seem to think he can replace real police officers with warm bodies in blue shirts. We are watching the transformation of a great department into a Potemkins village. Good luck to the brothers and sisters who can t leave.